Wednesday, 28 June 2017


Hello all!

We had a great time with Craft Day today! The class especially liked a weaving activity we did, but some were unable to finish their project. It requires a cardboard form, which I didn't have enough to send home, but are easy to make! Check out a picture of the form, and a picture of the instructions if you want to do this activity at home!

There are 8 slots cut in the side, and it is done using 7 pieces of string/yarn, etc. The picture of the instructions isn't very clear, but most students should have an idea how to do this. If not, I am only an email away!


Friday, 26 May 2017

Super Powers

If we could have a super power, it would be...

I could get anything I want. EO

Running fast. JM

I can get anything I want. VG

Invisibility. PM

To have ice magic and to fly. LOE

Turn into anything. MS

Invisibility. JP

Speed - so just in case I get in trouble I can run home and play video games, and if the office calls and tells my mom I'm not at school I can just run back. NK

To be super-annoying. CC

Be really good at writing, be really fast, and be really funny. KC

Be the monster - like that villain named Venom. BT

Ice power, invisibility, and where you can see through things. NCD

Laser vision. KD

Reading powers. MC

To be super fast. LH

To turn into any animal. AL

If I had 3 super powers, I would have earth so I can play whatever I want with the Earth; I would have water because I could splash people all the time; and fire so I can use them as rocket boosters. TC

Super speed. BH

It would be that I could run fast and that when I was running I would turn invisible and I would have laser eyes and I was strong. FK

Friday, 12 May 2017

This Week at School

We played tennis except people on the other team were trying to hit us with soft balls, and then we switched teams and then I started throwing them at the other team that I was on. (LH)

We practiced our new song for the volunteer tea. (AL)

We had a freeze spelling test. (EO)

We had our field trip. We saw a jackfish and a snail and a bunch of water beetles. We did an escape box and on the field trip there was a huge bug in a bin.(KB)

I got a new t√Ęche. (CC)

On the field trip we saw the prairie dogs. (KD)

This week we had lots of fun. We did a great escape in gym. (FK)

In gym we had this game called the escapist. Our gym teacher hid stuff to open a box and we had to search around the playground. The first thing we found was the key that was on the ********. And the second was a clue it was movement left-right-left-right. Then we had 2 locks unlocked. Then we did the word **** it was a password for one of the locks. And then we did the number lock it was ****. And then we opened the box and... (TC)

On the field trip I saw a whole bunch of prairie dogs. (JP)

In gym we played dodgeball and we did an escape box. (BH)

I was panicking in the gym about the escape boxes. (MC)

The escape box was hard. (NK)

We made our own music like a pattern. (JM)

We got to hold cattails fur and the cattail stick. (PM)

We did escape box in gym. (KC)

We did a paper thing that we had to write numbers a few weeks ago and then we put them on paper this week that said +1, -1, faire 10, doubles +1, +10, +9, doubles, and it was really fun. (VG)

At Fort Whyte we stood really quiet and closed our eyes and listened to the birds. (NCD)

Friday, 28 April 2017


This post is being written by the whole class.

This week at school we did lecture. (CC)

This week we had Mme Dickens for a bonus day. (JP)

This week at school we made a 'magasin' - so anytime we speak French we each get one gem and then on Day 4 if you have 5 gems you get a prize out of a bin that says 5 bijoux. (BH)

This week at school we got cool toys. (NK)

This week at school we did a paper about I like myself because... (VG)

We did the Winnipeg Jets symbol and a lot of other things with the symbol. (MD)

Part of the week we didn't have internet and we did a spelling test with Mme Dickens. We also did toothbrush painting. (AL)

This week we got to do gymnastics in gym. (BT)

We did art and we got to choose what we wanted to do. (LOE)

This week at school we did a spelling test that most of us called Freeze Spelling. (TC)

This week at school we had a spelling test with Mme Dickens and it was really fun and really funny. We did a spelling test like Freeze Dance we listen to music and freeze when the music pauses and then we write the word. (NCD)

This week at school 4 people are gone and we did a funny spelling test. (KC)

We did the spelling test with Mme Dickens. (PM)

This week at school we had gym and we had gymnastics. (JM)

Monday, 10 April 2017

Field Trip (finally)!

After many attempts, we finally made it to the Manitoba Museum in March! It was a very busy day with lots of fun and learning.

We had a session about solids, liquids, and gasses, where a solution was made that seemed to be neither solid nor liquid!

We learned about the chemicals used in diapers which attract and absorb liquids...

We had some time to explore the science gallery...

We also had some time to explore the main museum gallery, including the Nonsuch!

And we learned about Winnipeg's past and how the community was developed, including a guided tour of the Old Winnipeg section of the museum.

Mme Page

You may have heard of Mme Page - she is our numeracy consultant, and has been spending some time in our classroom teaching us various games and techniques to sharpen our math skills.

Recently she taught us how to use these math sheets to do 2-digit addition!

We're back (hopefully)!!

Greetings from Room 11! After a series of technical difficulties (the blogger app stopped working on my iPad, and it seems that it is no longer offered for apple products; I got blogger working on my phone where I started taking pictures after the iPad seemed to not be an option, but could only log in using my personal google account and not my work one which this blog is linked to...) I think we might be back in business!!

Today we had Mr. Elliott ('Mr. E') in our classroom for TIA (The Integrated Arts). Mr. E is a cartoonist and worked with us this morning on some drawing skills. We worked on seeing the simple shapes (circles, squares, etc.) inside more complicated drawings in order to help us draw them.

The students had a little extra time to look at some drawings Mr. E had made, and try to copy them.

These are some images Mr. E had the students try to draw.