Monday, 10 April 2017

We're back (hopefully)!!

Greetings from Room 11! After a series of technical difficulties (the blogger app stopped working on my iPad, and it seems that it is no longer offered for apple products; I got blogger working on my phone where I started taking pictures after the iPad seemed to not be an option, but could only log in using my personal google account and not my work one which this blog is linked to...) I think we might be back in business!!

Today we had Mr. Elliott ('Mr. E') in our classroom for TIA (The Integrated Arts). Mr. E is a cartoonist and worked with us this morning on some drawing skills. We worked on seeing the simple shapes (circles, squares, etc.) inside more complicated drawings in order to help us draw them.

The students had a little extra time to look at some drawings Mr. E had made, and try to copy them.

These are some images Mr. E had the students try to draw.

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