Friday, 12 May 2017

This Week at School

We played tennis except people on the other team were trying to hit us with soft balls, and then we switched teams and then I started throwing them at the other team that I was on. (LH)

We practiced our new song for the volunteer tea. (AL)

We had a freeze spelling test. (EO)

We had our field trip. We saw a jackfish and a snail and a bunch of water beetles. We did an escape box and on the field trip there was a huge bug in a bin.(KB)

I got a new t√Ęche. (CC)

On the field trip we saw the prairie dogs. (KD)

This week we had lots of fun. We did a great escape in gym. (FK)

In gym we had this game called the escapist. Our gym teacher hid stuff to open a box and we had to search around the playground. The first thing we found was the key that was on the ********. And the second was a clue it was movement left-right-left-right. Then we had 2 locks unlocked. Then we did the word **** it was a password for one of the locks. And then we did the number lock it was ****. And then we opened the box and... (TC)

On the field trip I saw a whole bunch of prairie dogs. (JP)

In gym we played dodgeball and we did an escape box. (BH)

I was panicking in the gym about the escape boxes. (MC)

The escape box was hard. (NK)

We made our own music like a pattern. (JM)

We got to hold cattails fur and the cattail stick. (PM)

We did escape box in gym. (KC)

We did a paper thing that we had to write numbers a few weeks ago and then we put them on paper this week that said +1, -1, faire 10, doubles +1, +10, +9, doubles, and it was really fun. (VG)

At Fort Whyte we stood really quiet and closed our eyes and listened to the birds. (NCD)

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