Friday, 26 May 2017

Super Powers

If we could have a super power, it would be...

I could get anything I want. EO

Running fast. JM

I can get anything I want. VG

Invisibility. PM

To have ice magic and to fly. LOE

Turn into anything. MS

Invisibility. JP

Speed - so just in case I get in trouble I can run home and play video games, and if the office calls and tells my mom I'm not at school I can just run back. NK

To be super-annoying. CC

Be really good at writing, be really fast, and be really funny. KC

Be the monster - like that villain named Venom. BT

Ice power, invisibility, and where you can see through things. NCD

Laser vision. KD

Reading powers. MC

To be super fast. LH

To turn into any animal. AL

If I had 3 super powers, I would have earth so I can play whatever I want with the Earth; I would have water because I could splash people all the time; and fire so I can use them as rocket boosters. TC

Super speed. BH

It would be that I could run fast and that when I was running I would turn invisible and I would have laser eyes and I was strong. FK

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