Friday, 21 November 2014

Mago le magicien

The school had a special treat today - a visit from Mago le magicien! He showed us some amazing magic tricks, and we had a lot of laughs! Ask your child to tell you all about it!

Friday, 14 November 2014

Museum trip

We had a great time playing and learning at the Children's Museum this week! We learned about water pollution, and how had water is to clean once it gets dirty!

We also had the opportunity to explore all the galleries.

I'm sure you will hear all about it in our TWAS this week!

Monday, 3 November 2014



Thank-you to the parents of the following children who sent in snacks for the Halloween party; Janelle, Kadence, Luka, Kalyna, Slayter and Nathan. The munchies and costumes were great and good times were had by all :)
Please limit the amount of Halloween treats that your child brings to school for lunch and snack times.
Our Halloween song en francais and awesome black cats!

Our last TIA session with Mme Broughton.

The children painted their clay pots today. What a great job they did!  The pots will go back to the kiln at Westwood High School.  All of the clay pots will be on display at the upcoming triad conferences on Dec. 4 and Dec. 5.  The clay pots will be sent home at that time.  Thank-you to Jacquelyn Sykes and Angela Heese who volunteered this morning.  The finished products will be beautiful!
There will be another TIA series of 3 sessions with a different guest artist in the Spring.